Switching to WP Hostee just got easier, and you might get free web hosting!

We’ll buy out what you have left to pay with your current host and move all your sites over – for free! The good news is that the hosting buyout offer is here at wphostee.com! If you’ve ever wanted to switch to our hosting and get also free web hosting, but only to be held back by existing contracts or the thought of another time-sapping migration? Our new hosting buyout offer makes it easy, effortless, and affordable to move all your sites to WPHostee.com Hosting.

Here’s how it works: and how you can get free web hosting

Let’s pretend you’re halfway through your yearly third-party hosting contract, and you have 6 sites hosted at £200/y. We’ll match the remaining 6 months of hosting you have left to pay (£100) in the form of WPHostee credit (in special circumstances we may even offer you more credit. It leaves you free to cancel your current contract and move those 6 sites to us.

Speaking of moving…

No matter how many sites you manage, we’ll migrate them all to our hosting – quickly, safely, and for free. No effort from you is required at all. You’ll only have the task of choosing which of our powerful and flexible hosting plans you want to move your sites to.

Interested in our hosting buyout offer?

Open a live chat or open a ticket and one of our team members will be discuss the next steps. If possible, it would also be great if you could prepare answers to the questions below. This will help speed up the process and limit back-and-forth communication.

  • How many months do you have left on your current hosting contract?
  • What is your hosting budget?
  • How many sites do you wish to migrate to WP Hostee?

Thousands of sites currently host with us. Sites of all shapes, sizes, industries, and performance requirements. We have a plan to fit them all.

WP Hostee is the #1 rated WordPress host in DIASPORA UK, with a near-perfect score of 4.9/5 from many of the nice reviews received from our clients (as of writing this email).

Our hosting is fully dedicated and compartmentalized, so you don’t have to deal with server neighbours affecting performance and security.

You’ll never be alone with 24/7 access to support (including live chat).