FTP and SFTP defined

FTP and SFTP defined

FTP/SFTP (File Transfer Protocol) explained

Whenever you sign up for web hosting services online, you are actually renting space on an internet server in order for your website information or files to be published. In an earlier post submission, we have defined how to set up the nameservers to point to your website, however since you have not uploaded any information yet, this is the reason why your website has a blank white web page or an empty listing when you visit your website.

Relying on your host arrangements, you might also see a default landing page from the host that will have some form of an under-construction website message. FTP stands for file transfer protocol and is used to transfer your information out of your laptop to the live web server. SFTP stands for secure file transfer protocol. It really works in an identical way as FTP, however, there’s an additional layer of safety where SFTP is more secure.

This protocol encrypts the data being transferred. When potential you can, use SFTP over FTP. FTP clients are software program that permits you to connect with the server and add or obtain information between your laptop and the web server. There may be loads of free software programs similar to Cyberduck or FileZilla.

This information should be included in your welcome e-mail out of your hosting company or if you happen to host with us you must have obtained an e-mail with this info. Or, simply open a ticket and we’re completely satisfied to assist with your FTP setup without spending a dime.

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