Get paid for referring customers to us

Do you already have an account with us? if yes, simply activate your affiliate account and begin making money by getting a 50% commission on every hosting plan we have on our website (except domain names and/or other services). Also makes sure you give your clients this promo code: wphostee23 in order for them to get a 15% discount when they purchase a hosting plan with us.

Activating your account is simply attainable in 2 ways.

  1. Buying a service with us automatically creates an account for you where you’ll be able to also activate your affiliate account for free.
  2. Or simply by opening a live chat with us and having us create the account for you for free.

You must have an account with us to be able to use the affiliate program at WPHostee and then you will obtain your customized hyperlink to share with your customers/friends and earn money.

  • We pay commissions for each signup that comes through your customized signup hyperlink.
  • We monitor the guests you confer with us utilizing cookies, so customers you refer do not need to buy immediately so that you can obtain your commission. They can always come later and purchase a hosting plan with us and you’ll receive your commission.
  • Cookies stay on the browser for as much as 90 days following the preliminary visit.

Sign up for an affiliate account without purchasing any services

Simply open a live chat with us and let us set up your referral account. Be ready with the following information before opening a live chat: Full Address, Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address Once you provide this information to one of our staff, a referral account will be created and activated for you straight away, while you chat with us. Creating a referral account with WPHostee takes less than a minute. Buy Hosting

Sign up for an affiliate account by purchasing a service

Another way of signing up for a referral account with us is simply to purchase any of our services. By just simply buying a domain name or a hosting plan or a WordPress maintenance plan with us, you will then have access to the referral account to activate it and use it straight away and earn money. Buy Domain

Sign up for an affiliate account by contacting us

Simply complete the contact form in order for us to create an affiliate account with us. We aim to respond on the same day with the creation of your account. We will update you by email once is created. Contact Us